Course Information

IntelliScience Training Institute’s STEM based course is especially designed for grade 4 students and above in San Jose, CA. We will provide students the opportunity to explore their interest in various disciplines of engineering such as basic electronics and robotics.
Courses will be assigned according to student grade and interest. Depending on grade, students will learn how to conduct experiments, collect data, analyze it, and present it as lab report.


We Offer Courses in the Following Areas

• Astronomy

Project CLEA -- CONTEMPORARY LABORATORY EXPERIENCES IN ASTRONOMY -- develops laboratory exercises that illustrate modern astronomical techniques using digital data and color images. They are suitable for high school and college classes at all levels, but come with defaults set for use in introductory astronomy classes for non-science majors. Typical projects include 1) The Revolution of the Moons of Jupiter 2) Rotation of Mercury by Doppler Effect 3) The period of Rotation of the Sun etc.

 • Electronics

Introduction to equipment – DC Power Supply, Trainer Board, Multimeters, Resistors and basic resistor circuits, Diodes, Transistors, LED’s, Photoresistors, Solar Cells

• Optics and Lasers

Introduction to lenses – concave and convex, Image formation, use of He-Ne laser pointer to demonstrate the laser optics, and many more

• Physics – Mechanics and Dynamics

Experiments on Inclined Plane, Kinetic & Potential Energy Track, Pendulum, Projective Launcher, Freefall Apparatus, Fun Stand, Photogate System

• Plasmas

Basic introduction of plasma, demonstration of plasma generation, visual characterization of plasma, and many more

Renewable Energy

Solar cell – characterization, Fuel cell, Wind energy related experiments, and many more

• Robotics

LEGO Mindstorm projects from basics to advanced, Robots with TX Training kit, Characterization of robots. A series of courses will be offered in this area to groom students from a preliminary to an advanced stage where they can participate in robotics competition programs both at national and international levels


• Sensor Technology

Temperature sensors, Pressure sensors, LDVT related experiments and many more

• Thermodynamics

Experiments related to heat conduction, convection, and radiation, information of various kind of engines and thermo-cycles, and many more

Please call for details on projects related to these topics.