A Science Institute with Purpose

The staff of IntelliScience Training Institute in San Jose, CA believes that its primary purpose is to educate each student to the highest possible level of academic achievement.


We Aim to Accomplish This By

Our professional staff is committed to develop a curriculum that is well advanced and is in accordance with the STEM approach.


Our Mission

The mission of IntelliScience Institute is to assist every child to reach his/her potential by fostering academic and personal growth through hard work and dedication.


Board of Directors

President Sohail H. Zaidi,

VP’s – Pramod Madhav, Shakeel Rizvi,

Treasurer and Secretary – Tara Zaidi


Course Organizer

Dr. Sohail H. Zaidi PhD, MBA, MSc Eng. BSc Eng. (Mechanical)


Course Developers

Dr. Dan Sullivan, Dr. Kamran Akhtar, Dr. S. H. Zaidi


Advisory Board

Professor A. Tabrizi (San Jose State University and Evergreen Community College) , Dr. Mikhail Schneider (Princeton University), Dr. Arthur Dogariu (Princeton University), Professor Prasun Datta (Temple University), Professor Saleem A. Tabassum (University of Management and Technology), Professor Anwar Ahmed (Auburn University), Professor K. Sanaullah (University Malaysia Sarawak)