Proud Tradition of Excellence and Dedication

IntelliScience Training Institute is a private academic institution, located in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose, CA. Our teaching philosophy is based on academic excellence and dedication. We prepare students for future leadership and equip them with the skills that they will require to meet the future technological challenges. We assist them to explore their potential at best – We will break the barrier to identify your potential.


Hands-On Experience in Industry -2017

(Hastest Solutions Inc.)



IntelliScience is currently offering STEM-Education programs at various Bay area locations.

Robotics/Automation at Gurukulam Enrichment Center (San Jose, California)

Robotics/Automation at Pinnacle Learning Center (San Jose, California)

Robotics/Automation at Milpitas Christian School (San Jose, California)

Robotics/Automation at Pinnacle Intellect (San Jose, California)

Robotics/Automation at Evergreen High School (San Jose, California)

Robotics/Automation at KidzCamp (San Jose, California)

LEGO FLL ROBITICS Program Participation

Science Camp at Milpitas Christian School

Science Camp at Pinnacle Learning Center

Science Camp at Pinnacle Intellect

Industrial Seminars and Lectures Series for Workforce Institute (San Jose, California)

AP Courses Lecture Series at Guruklam Enrichment Center (San Jose, California)

Handson Industrial Experience Program at Hastest Solutions Inc. (San Jose, California)



IntelliScience is proudly collaborating with the following organizations for conducting various STEM-based educational and industrial programs.




We Are Known for Our


Stimulating Learning Environment

We offer a stimulating learning environment to all students where they find ample opportunities to explore and demonstrate their innovative ideas. Our programs are well equipped, print rich, and use rubrics to ensure participation of all students.